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'Cara' Potatoes - Grow Your Own Potatoes Pack (2kg)

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DISTINCTIVE VARIETY: The 'Cara' maincrop produces extremely high yields of medium sized, white potatoes with pink eyes. Rarely troubled with disease, 'Cara' potatoes can withstand drought and other tough growing situations ensuring a reliable yield.

GREAT FOR COOKING: With their soft, moist and sweet flavour, 'Cara' potatoes are excellent for baking, chipping and mashing. We recommend 'Cara' when making jacket potatoes!

EASY TO CARE FOR: For best results, plant in well drained soil in full sun. A strong variety which will not disappoint. Always chit first for best results!

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 60cm, Spread: 60cm

SUPPLIED AS: 2kg seed potato pack. Grow Your Own Now!