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Chilli Plants - 'Habanero Burkina Yellow' - 6 x Plug Plant Pack

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A STUNNING HABANERO BURKINA YELLOW: This Spectacular plant produces fruits that are globular elongated shape, wrinkled, with pointed ends. Full of flavour and a hot chilli, a relative of the Scotch Bonnet.

TASTY FLAVOUR: This pepper is packed with heat and flavour making it the perfect ingredient addition to any homemade hot sauce or salsa!

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: The Habanero Burkina Yellow plant can grow to a height of up to 60cm tall as well as a spread of up to 40cm when fully grown!

SUPPLIED AS: Full plug plants for fast times to first flowers and fruit, with 6 x plants in a pack.

PLANT CARE: A important tip to maintain the lifespan on your habanero plant is to do infrequent but deep watering. In addition to this, make sure to keep the plants in partial shade in order avoid sunscald and prevent the peppers from drying out and cracking.

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