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Citrus Tree - Red Lime - Large Plant in 18cm Pot

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A REMARKABLE PLANT: Citrus Red Lime is a tropical species, believed to have been made by crossing a lime with a kumquat plant.

FRUIT: The skin and flesh on the the Red Lime Citrus Tree are both orange to red in colour but the fruit tastes like a lime, and a very tasty one too. And thanks to the kumquat in its parentage the skin is completely edible and sweet with no pith beneath it.

A PLEASURE TO CARE FOR: Place in a patio pot, greenhouse, conservatory or any sunny spot. This plant requires light watering and will benefit from a feed once a month!

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Max height 7 metres. Max spread 3 metres. *20 years to reach maturity*

SUPPLIED AS: A large plant in a 18cm pot. A great time to get planting!