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Extra Large Citrus Tree - Lemon - 1 x Extra Large Plant in 40L Pot (180cm+) - 10 Year Old Mature Plant

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LUSHIOUS LEMONS: This citrus plant is an excellent lemon variety that has a great tolerance to low temperatures. Producing beautiful flowers upon glossy, dark green foliage and bearing an abundance of juicy fruits this plant will definitely look amazing in your garden or home.

JUICY FRUIT: White flowers with a delicate purple tinge and a rich Citrus scent are followed by an abundance of delicious, well shaped, large fruits. A perfect addition to any space for fresh, home grown lemons at your fingertips!

GREAT FLAVOUR: With its delicious, tangy citrus flavour bursting with Vitamin C, the versatility of the Lemon is virtually endless! Perfect complementing fish, in cakes and even to make a refreshing lemonade!

EASY TO CARE FOR: Place in the garden, patio, greenhouse, conservatory or any sunny spot. This plant requires light watering and will benefit from a feed once a month.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Max height 7 metres. Max spread 3 metres. *

SUPPLIED AS: An extra large, mature plant in a 40 litre pot (180- 200cm tall). Images show actual plant