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Climbing Rose Plant - 'Madame Alfred Carriere' - 1 x Full Plant in a 5 Litre Pot

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MADAME ALFRED CARRIERE: An old favourite since 1879, award-winning Rosa 'Madame Alfred Carrier' is a vigorous, almost thorn less large climber with very fragrant, fully double, creamy white flowers tinted with pink.

GREAT VARIETY: Continuously blooming in summer and fall, this repeat-flowering climbing rose features long and graceful, pliable stems which are covered with light green leaves.

PLANT CARE: Although the Madame Alfred Carriere rose can tolerate partial shade, it is recommended to place in a spot that is subject to full sun as this climbing rose loves sunlight in order to grow. It is almost impossible to overwater this variety of rose if it has good drainage, however, try to water every 2-3 days in order to ensure growth rate is steady.

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Can grow up to 10 ft. tall (3m) and 6 ft. (2m) wide, but easily pruned to desired height and spread

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as a full, well-established plant in a 5 litre pot.

NOTE: *The plants are deciduous so will be dormant during Winter periods and fully Winter pruned, but are very well established, and ready to burst into life in the Spring. At other times of year, the plants are supplied with full foliage and excellent growth