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Clusia Rosea Autograph Tree Houseplant - 1 x Full Plant in 13cm Pot

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STUNNING CLUSIA ROSEA: Also known as the Autograph Tree, is an ornamental leafy houseplant that is remarkably sturdy and super easy to care for.

ORIGIN OF NAME: Its stiff, leathery leaves are a dark olive green in colour and are said to be so tough, you could carve your name into them – hence the popular name 'Autograph Tree'. The paddle-like leaves are also recognised for their air purifying properties.

PRODUCES BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS: Clusia Rosea can also produce lovely funnel shaped flowers that are relatively long lasting in delicate shades of creamy white with soft pink accents. A truly gorgeous houseplant!

EASY TO CARE FOR: The perfect tropical plant to have indoors that does best in a bright location with indirect sunlight. Ensure to water weekly also because even though this plant can tolerant short periods of drought, it very much appreciates being watered!

SUPPLIED AS: 1 x full plant in a 13cm pot. A great time to get growing!