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Coconut Coir Garden Compost - 4 Litre in Convenient Paper Bag

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Organic, peat-free compost in a convenient size! Coco Coir Compost - a sustainable, highly effective organic growing medium. Ideal for all plants, including: Vegetables, Herbs, Salads and Flowers - even Houseplants! A unique and proprietary blend of fibre, chip and fine particles designed to give plants all the moisture and aeration they require.  

Far less watering required than with ordinary compost or soil. Clean, organic and sustainable. A professional product. Team it up with our recommended nutrient mix for optimal plant growth. Compost is mostly sold in large plastic bags, far too much for most people's needs. Now you can buy only as much as you need, avoiding plastic waste, and have this delivered right to your door! 

Our Coconut Coir compost is a horticultural standard high quality blend, which encourages active plant growth and strong root development and can be used for a variety of growing needs. Consistent high grade, and ideal for general garden use, including containers, pots, and hanging baskets. Our blend also deters slugs and snails when used as a top dressing around plants, and conditions the soil too! A wonderful product!  

Supplied as a 4 Litre Pack in a reusable hessian bag, with zip and lining.  

A great time to get growing!