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Herb Selection - Tarragon + Coriander + Basil + Parsley - 12 x Plug Plant Pack

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Essential for authentic Italian cuisine, Basil is one of the most popular herbs, with a strong scent and distinctive fresh flavour. The classic basil variety, very productive, aromatic and perfect for all culinary uses, including making pesto.

Coriander is a quick-growing, dual-purpose annual herb grown for its seeds or fresh young leaves. The young leaves of coriander (often called 'Cilantro') can be finely chopped and added to curries, sauces, chutneys and salads.

Our Tarragon is a delicious herb and great paired with chicken and fish. Also, add a few sprigs to flavour vinegar to make a superb salad dressing. Very difficult to grow from seed.

Parsley is a semi-evergreen, upright, biennial herb with really tightly curled, dark green leaves that are ready for picking in summer. Parsley keeps its crisp texture and bright green colour amazingly well in the garden and after harvest. It is good for fresh or dried use in the kitchen.