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Flowering Plants - Sweet Pea 'Garden Mix' - 3 x Full Plants in 9cm Pots

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BEAUTIFUL SWEET PEA MIX: Our Sweet Pea 'Garden Mix' is one of the very best - a kaleidoscope of colours, wonderful fragrances and fast growing, and ideal for either the patio, in the garden or how about on a sunny windowsill or well lit spot inside?
EASY TO GROW: this Sweet Pea is so easy to grow, either in pots, planters or containers, or in beds in the garden. Keep them well watered over the Summer and you'll be well rewarded!
EXQUISITE SCENTS: the delicate flowers of our Sweet Pea 'Garden Mix' have amazing fragrances, so plant them close to enjoy the soft scents as well as their beauty.
HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 100-150cm, Spread: 40cm.
SUPPLIED AS: supplied as 3 x full plants in 9cm pots, with multiple plants in each pot.