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Flowering Plants - Sweet Pea 'Patio Mix' - 3 x Full Plants in 9cm Pots

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STUNNING PATIO MIX SWEET PEA: Our Sweet Pea 'Patio Mix' is truly exquisite. Idea for pots and containers, or even on a sunny windowsill due to the compact nature of this variety, but with all the loveliness of the Sweet Pea - beautiful colours, delicate flowers and amazing fragrances. We love this plant!

WONDERFUL FRAGRANCES: the scents of this Sweet Pea are truly amazing. So having them close is a must. They also attract butterflies so you'll be surrounded by nature!

COMPACT SIZE: Our Patio Mix Sweet Pea is just ideal for smaller spaces due to its compact habit, so think about a container. planter or perhaps in a beautiful pot?

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: 30cm x 30cm

SUPPLIED AS: supplied as 3 x full plants in 9cm pots, with multiple plants in each pot
*Plant size and maturity may vary*