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Fruit Plants - Blackcurrant - 1 x Full Plant in a 3 Litre Pot

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THE SWEETEST OF ALL BLACKCURRENTS: Blackcurrent 'Ebony' is a truly magnificent variety. The fruit are the sweetest of all blackcurrents, and are produced in abundance, and are famed for their flavour and versatility. Crops come early too, so its a winner all round!

YEILDS IN ABUNDANCE: Once mature, you can expect up to 10 kilograms of delicious berries every harvest. 'Ebony' fruit are ideal for use in puddings, fruit salads and perfect for jam making, too.

VITAMIN PACKED: These berries contain multitudes of vitamins making them both delicious AND the healthy choice. You can't go wrong! With up to 3 times more vitamins and nutrients than shop-bought Blackcurrants,

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height up to 60cm x Spread up to 30cm.

SUPPLIED AS: supplied as 1 x full Plant in a 3 litre pot.