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Garden Shrub - Daphne - 'Summer Ice' - Full Plant in 1 Litre Pot

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STUNNING SHRUB: Popular and fragrant, the Daphne 'Summer Ice' is a gorgeous addition to any garden! 'Summer Ice' is a beautiful semi evergreen shrub with heavily fragrant white/pale pink flowers upon green foliage with a creamy, variegated edge. 

LOVELY SCENTS: Daphne 'Summer Ice' is known for the enticing smelling perfume it emits adding a lovely sweet fragrance to your garden attracting various wildlife including butterflies! 

EASY TO GROW: This hardy shrub keeps its leaves during the winter allowing your garden to look full and fresh all year round. We recommend you plant your Daphne in a sheltered, sunny position in well drained soil. 

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: The average height and spread of this plant is 3ft by 3ft. 

SUPPPLIED AS: A full plant in a 1 litre pot. A great time to get planting!