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Garden Shrub - Firethorn - Pyracantha 'Red Column' - 1 x Full Plant In 1 Litre Pot

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Pyracantha 'Red Column' is an ideal shrub for the garden. This attractive variety is a particularly upright form. During the summer, plants produce sprays of bright white summer blooms, followed by eye-catching displays of sparkling red berries, providing food to the birds through the colder months. Pyracantha can be trained against a wall or grown as a hedge, and is very easy to clip and maintain. Firethorn plants are extremely tough and hardy, making an easy to grow shrub for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 2.4m (8'). A great time to get planting! Premium quality, beautiful plants. Supplied in 1 Litre pots. A great time to start planting!