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Herb Plants - Lemongrass - 1 x Full Plant in a 9cm Pot

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LOVELY LEMONGRASS: Lemongrass makes a fountain of gently arching foliage with edible stems that are popular in oriental cooking. The long, slender gray-green foliage adds gorgeous colour in autumn gardens when it turns burgundy and red!

GREAT FOR COOKING: A versatile herb that can be used in all kinds of recipes, from marinades to curries and cocktails to stir-fries, lemongrass has a deep citrusy aroma that can typically be found in Thai cooking and other Asian cuisines. Brilliant for making gingery lemon cordial and tea.

PLANT CARE: Plant in a sunny, sheltered position over Summer and water frequently. Lemongrass hates frost so be sure to transfer inside before first frost. Ideal for planting in containers.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 182cm (72"). Spread: 76cm (30").

SUPPLIED AS: 1 x full plant in a 9cm pot. A great time to get planting!