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Hybrid Tea - 'Fragrant Cloud' - 1 x Full Plant in 5 Litre Pot

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FRAGRANT CLOUD ROSE: This elegant Fragrant Cloud Rose is a free flowering hybrid tea rose that blooms from June until August producing large, ornately shaped, coral-red roses which look great against the dark green foliage. As the name suggests this rose is highly fragranced and would be great planted next to a path or patio where its fragrance can be fully appreciated. As a result of this, it also makes an excellent, long-lasting, cut flower.

HYBRID TEA ROSES: The first ever hybrid tea roses recorded were created in France in the mid-1800s, by cross-breeding the large, floriferous Hybrid Perpetuals with the tall, elegant Tea roses.

PLANT CARE: Fragrant Clouded Roses highly enjoy being placed in a location that has full sun as well as having medium moisture of soil that is well drained. Can be grown in both outdoor and indoor areas so long as the conditions are right.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: This variety of Hybrid Tea rose can grow to be a height of up to 100cm as well as a spread of 60cm!

SUPPLIED AS: *This plant is currently hibernating for winter but well established and ready to burst into life come spring.* Supplied in a 5L Pot.