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Mixed Herb Selection - Oregano, Basil and Parsley - 12 x Plug Plant Pack

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ALL YEAR ROUND USABILITY: Our Mixed Herb Selection is a great way to have the fresh herbs you love, all year-round. A wonderful selection - Oregano, Basil and Parsley. An amazing adjustment to your kitchen and garden!

WONDERFULLY HIGH YIELDS: This selection of herbs all produce an impressive amount of yield that can be easily grown indoors so there is always a supply waiting on the kitchen countertop of windowsill!

PLANT CARE: Herbs that require low maintenance while still producing magnificent flavour. Ensure they receive indirect sunlight as well as weekly watering.

MIX UP FLAVOURS: 3 different variants of herbs all with their own unique flavouring which is sure to be a wonderful contribution of seasoning to a meal!

SUPPLIED AS: Plug plants, with 12 x plants in a pack (4 of each herb) Perfect for growing your own!