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Houseplant - Monstera Deliciosa - 'Swiss Cheese Plant' - (70-80cm)

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Instantly recognisable for its lustrous, dark green, heart-shaped leaves with their characteristic splits. The holes appear as the leaves grow, creating a palm-like effect and giving it the common name of Swiss Cheese Plant. This climbing plant is best trained on to a moss pole. It will produce aerial roots which will take moisture from the atmosphere as it grows.

Monstera deliciosa is a majestic house plant that originates from the South American Rainforests. With maturity it forms a large, architectural display that makes a superb focal point for a bright room. Ideal for large entrance halls, conservatories and larger living spaces that can accommodate its size as it grows.

Supplied as a large plant in a 10litre pot, 70-80cm tall. A beautiful plant.

*Ceramic pot not included*