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Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' - Full Plants in 9cm Pots

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🌸 PREMIUM QUALITY PLANTS: Our plants are always of the highest quality, grown with great care, to ensure the very best results. And we ship our plants using our own bespoke plant packaging, protecting them in transit so you'll receive your plants in great condition too

🌸 VIBRANT MIX OF COLOURS: Experience the beauty of Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' plants, boasting a dazzling array of colours including rich oranges, deep reds, and bright yellows, adding vibrance and charm to any garden

🌸 PROLIFIC FLOWERING: Enjoy an abundance of blooms from Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' plants, with each plant producing numerous flowers throughout the season, ensuring a continuous display of colour and beauty in your outdoor space

🌸 VERSATILE AND EDIBLE: Discover the versatility of Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' plants, as both their vibrant flowers and peppery leaves are edible, perfect for adding a unique flavour and decorative flair to salads, soups, and other culinary creations

🌸 EASY TO GROW: Cultivate Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' plants with ease, as they thrive in various growing conditions and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for gardeners of all skill levels

🌸 SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as either 1, 2 or 3 x full plants in 9cm pots