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Osmocote 'Exact' - Professional Slow Release Plant Fertiliser - Ideal for all Plants (2 KG)

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HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PROFESSIONAL NUTRIENT FERTILISER: Osmocote Exact products employ proven 3rd generation technology, which provides growers with a guaranteed release pattern.

ALL THE GOODNESS YOUR PLANTS NEED: This slow release granular fertiliser provides all of yoru plants with all the nutrients and trace elements they need for healthy and abundant growth. Yields will be higher and plant health much enhanced, and one application will last for over a year!

SLOW RELEASE OVER 12-14 MONTHS: 12-14 month controlled release fertiliser with standard continuous release pattern and high Potassium level. NPK - N - 12% P - 7% K - 19% MgO - 1.5% + TE Yellow trace element prills

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as a pack of Osmocote granular fertiliser, packaged in an environmentally friendly paper bag