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Parsley 'Krausa' Curly Leaf - 12 x Full Plant Pack

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🌿 PREMIUM QUALITY PLANTS: Our plants are always of the highest quality, for the very best results and are shipped with the greatest of care in our bespoke plant packaging, protecting them in transit

🌿 THE EXQUISITE 'KRAUSA' CURLY LEAF PARSLEY: This stunning green herb plant will grow to develop evergreen foliage with an aromatic smell. When it flowers it will develop Pale-green, Yellow flowers that are Insignificant or absent in Summer

🌿 TASTY FLAVOUR AND A DELIGHTFUL ADDITION: Parsley is a wonderful plant to grow yourself and 'Krausa' Curly Leaf is a great variety. This hardy plant is one of the most popular herbs for culinary use as a garnish, flavouring sauces and pastry, and associating particularly well with fish

🌿 A WONDERFUL PLANT TO GROW: Parsley is easy to grow and bodes well in both full sun and part sun environments meaning it can be grown both indoor and outdoors. Also ensure that the soil is kept lightly moist in addition to emptying the saucer under the pot after every watering so that the roots don't sit in water

🌿 ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: This variety of parsley can reach a height of up to 40cm and a spread of 50cm after 1-2 years of growth. Enjoy this beautiful herb plant in all its glory fresh from your garden or windowsill

🌿 SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as 12 x full plant pack