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Purple Sprouting Broccoli - 9 x Plug Plant Pack

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VERSATILE AND VIBRANT: Broccoli is such a versatile vegetable that you can eat every delicious part of the plant. Purple Sprouting Broccoli is no exception to this. This variety has wonderful purple sprouting florets instead of green giving it a distinctive and spectacular look.

SUN LOVING: Fertile and well-drained soil with good water retention is key to having luscious and full plants. Even though it prefers to be in direct sunlight this exceptional plant can also grow well in very light shade too.

CARE: Broccoli is quite a hardy plant which needs to be watered, on average, every 10-14 days in dry weather. With these moderate needs you can easily grow these beautiful and colourful wonders in your garden or plot.
HEIGHT & SPREAD: Height 61cm (24 Inches). Spread 61cm (24 Inches)

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as 9 x plug plant pack ready to grow. *Plant size and maturity may vary*