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Salad Plants - Lettuce 'Lollo Rosso' - Garden Ready - 12 x Full Plant Pack

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FANTASTIC LOLLO ROSSO: An Italian lettuce of the type used in salads or as a tasty garnish. This is compact ,non-hearting type of finely frilled leaves with a deep red edge. It is very easy to grow, attractive in gardens and can be grown in tubs or containers.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: The coloured leaves of lettuce are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. We recommend adding to salads and sandwiches for a delicious, crunchy addition.

EASY TO GROW: For best results, ensure that Lollo Rosso is kept in moist but well drained soil and is concealed by partial shade. In addition, make sure to keep the younger leaves away from slugs and snails if growing outdoors. Due to this variety of lettuce having short roots, it is recommended to water the plant at least twice a week.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Lollo Rosso is able to reach a height of 15cm with a spread of 25cm.

SUPPLIED AS: Full plants with 12 x plants in each pack. A great time to get growing!

*plant size and maturity may vary*