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Sansevieria 'Snake Plant' 5 x Plant Package

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A TRUE DECORATIVE HOUSEPLANT: Spruce up your living space with our beautiful Sansevieria plant package! Have one in every room of the house for a stylish theme!

PERFECT FOR AIR PURIFYING: Despite other plants, these magnificent plants are ideal for air purifying to a point where they even produce oxygen during night time whereas other plants release carbon dioxide. These plants do this by absorbing toxins in the air and transferring it into oxygen.

DESIRABLY EASY TO GROW: Hardy plants for the more neglectful of plant lovers as it only needs to be watered once a month!

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Fortunately, these Snake Plants don't grow too tall with the tallest height for one of them being 80cm. This makes it an ideal houseplant to grow! Perfect for humid rooms such as the bathroom as it resembles tropical conditions which are perfect for the plant.

SUPPLIED AS: Premium quality, beautiful plants. Supplied as 5 x full plants ranging from a compact 9cm pot plant to a large 2 Litre pot plant. The perfect time to get growing!