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Spring Bulbs - Freesia 'Double Mixed' - 18 x Premium Bulb Pack

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🌸 PREMIUM QUALITY PLANTS: Our plants are always of the highest quality, grown with great care, to ensure the very best results. And we ship our plants using our own bespoke plant packaging, protecting them in transit so you'll receive your plants in great condition too
🌸 DOUBLE BLOOMS: These Freesia bulbs produce stunning mixed double flowers that are a visual delight. Each bulb gives rise to multiple blooms, creating a lush and vibrant garden
🌸 SWEET FRAGRANCE: Enjoy the enchanting fragrance that Freesias are renowned for. Plant them near windows or outdoor seating areas to immerse yourself in their delightful scent
🌸 SEASONAL BEAUTY: Freesia 'Double Mixed' bulbs bloom in the spring, welcoming the season with a burst of colour and alluring scent. Bring the joy of spring to your garden year after year with these bulbs
🌸 EASY PLANTING: Planting Freesia bulbs is a breeze, even for beginners. Watch as these bulbs burst into life with minimal effort, adding charm and elegance to your garden
🌸 SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as 18 x premium bulbs in a pack