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Sweet Pepper Plants - 'Bellboy' - 9 x Plug Plant Pack

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BELL PEPPERS: Sweet Pepper 'Bellboy' is a reliable, high yielding sweet pepper that produces large, bell-shaped fruit. The fruit is thick-fleshed and have a pleasant herbaceous flavour when green that sweetens up to a delicious juicy pepper, turning a deep red at maturity.

PLANT CARE: Bellboy peppers require full sun with partial shade as they like moderate temperatures in addition to having well drained soil that it watered regularly ensuring that the fruits are grown to maximum capability.

OUTDOOR: Grow your bellboy peppers in a sunny area in the garden. Great for beds, pots and containers.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: The height of this plant can grow up to 30 - 46cm with the width reaching up to 46 - 61cm.

SUPPLIED AS: Plug plants that come as 9 x plants. A great time to get planting!

*Plant size and maturity may vary*