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Tomato Plants - 'Tumbler' - 3 x Full Plants in Pots

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HIGHLY POPULAR VARIETY: Tomato 'Tumbler' is renowned as perhaps the leading trailing tomato variety, and its easy to see why. Vigorous and fast growing, high and reliable yields, and a flavour that's just out of this world! An amazing tomato, that's for sure. 

SUPERB TRAILING CHERRY TOMATO: 'Tumbler' is a prolific, cascading tomato variety, ideal for hanging baskets, pots and containers. And expect a heavy crop - each plant can produce up to 4kg of lovely cherry tomatoes, over a long period too. 

EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOUR: With just the right balance of sweetness and tangy acidity, these little gems of tomatoes are wonderful in salads, salsas, and also for cooking. So versatile, so flavoursome!

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Trailing bush variety, it will cascade up to 60cm with a 60cm spread. 

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as 3 x full plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant. Time to get growing!