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Tomato Plants - 'Tumbling Tom Red' - 9 x Large Plug Plant Pack

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WONDERFUL TRAILING TOMATO: 'Tumbling Tom Red' is a prolific trailing cherry tomato plant, ideal for growing in patio containers, window boxes or hanging baskets. The plant has a compact habit, which quickly produces multiple cascading shoots which tumble downward, ready to bear fruit.

DELICIOUS FLAVOURS: This is one amazingly flavoured tomato! It combines delicious sweetness with just the right amount of subtle acidity to create the perfect fresh tomato flavour.

SUPERB YIELDS: 'Tumbling Tom Red' produces truss after truss of fruit in abundance over a long fruiting period. Expect each plant to yield hundreds of beautiful bite size tomatoes, all the way through Summer and Autumn.

SO EASY TO GROW, AND A COMPACT VARIETY: This variety is one of the easiest tomatoes to grow, with no staking or training required. Just plant, water and feed! It's perfect for smaller spaces too - maybe a balcony or any small sunny area - due to its compact habit. Gardening made easy!

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: 30cm, will trail and cascade downwards.

SUPPLIED AS: Each pack comes with 9 x large, well-advanced jumbo plug plants, brimming with vibrant health and ready to plant on

*Plant size and maturity may vary*