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Vegetable Plants - Asparagus 'Erasmus' - 1 x Large Plant in 2 Litre Pot

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🌱  PREMIUM QUALITY PLANTS: Our plants are always of the highest quality, grown with great care, to ensure the very best results. And we ship our plants using our own bespoke plant packaging, protecting them in transit so you'll receive your plants in great condition too

🌱  ERASMUS ASPARAGUS: Elevate your garden with the extraordinary flavour of Asparagus 'Erasmus' Plants, known for their purple spears, superb taste and culinary versatility

🌱  GOURMET DELIGHT: Delight in the gourmet taste and versatility of 'Erasmus' asparagus, perfect for culinary creations that impress

🌱  ABUNDANT HARVESTS: Experience abundant harvests of tender asparagus spears, ensuring you always have fresh, homegrown produce

🌱  EASY GARDEN ADDITION: Cultivate your own garden-to-table luxury with 'Erasmus' Plants, enjoying the satisfaction of growing and dining on premium asparagus

🌱  SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as a well-advanced plant in a 2 litre pot. A great time to get planting!