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Leek 'Tornado' - Garden Ready - 9 x Plug Plant Pack

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HIGHLY PROLIFIC VARIETY: An excellent, leek which is a perfect all rounder! Great for full sized leeks but also for baby leeks. Leek Tornado is a very heavy cropping variety producing an abundance of erect plants with medium green foliage.

RELIABLE: These cold tolerant plants have lovely mild green leaves with a delicious flavour. It grows vigorously and has a strong stem. Not only is the leek a well known tasty vegetable, but its root system has the added advantage of improving heavy soils. Due to them being incredibly easy to grow and high yielding it is no wonder why people choose this variety year after year. Leeks will be found on almost every vegetable plot.

NUTRITIONAL AND GREAT FOR COOKING: Bursting with nutrition, Leeks are an excellent source of Vitamin C, Iron and Fibre. Leeks are very versatile and are a good companion in most dishes including; soups, pastas and casseroles. Also delicious when sliced, boiled and covered in cheese sauce for a tasty addition to a roast dinner.

EASY TO GROW: Young plants can survive a light frost, and mature plants can withstand heavy frosts. Pick a sunny spot that has rich, well-drained soil for your leeks.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 30cm (12").

SUPPLIED AS: 9 x full plug plants, ready to plant.

*Plant size and maturity may vary*