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Vegetable Plants - Runner Bean 'Firestorm' - Full Plant Pack

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RELIABLE RUNNER BEAN VARIETY: Firestorm is very popular amongst gardeners because of its heavy cropping nature. Its pods are long, smooth and packed full of superb flavour. There is nothing quite like the fresh taste of your just-picked beans with your dinner!
GREAT FOR COOKING: With many health benefits including high levels of vitamin K and calcium it is no wonder why so many people choose to grow runner beans year after year! Runner beans can be added to salads, curries and pastas to create an enhanced butter bean flavour.
EASY TO GROW: Runner beans need a sunny spot in rich, moisture-retentive soil. They may require bamboo canes to support them for when they grow tall!
HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height 300cm (118in"), spread 30cm (12in")
SUPPLIED AS: 12 x full plants in a pack. Grow your own now!