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Vegetable Plants - Runner Beans ‘Streamline’ - 6 x Full Plant Pack

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TASTY AND ABUNDANT: The pods of the Streamline Runner Bean are long and have a heavy yield per plant. Suitable for most garden types, this variety of Runner Bean is a perfect addition to your growing area and a tasty inclusion in your culinary endeavours.

FLAVOUR AND TEXTURE: This variety has a full flavour and a texture similar to Butter Beans.

HEARTY EATING: These versatile beans can be used either fresh, dried or frozen as an addition to your cooking to create a warm hearty meal. With a high fibre content as well as containing vitamin C and folic acid they are a healthy choice to add to your grow list.

FILL YOUR GARDEN: For the best results plant them in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade too. Leave about 25cm between each plant with an additional 40cm between rows to allow them to grow well and for ease of access to fully grown pods.

SUPPLIED AS: 6 x full plant pack

*Plant size and maturity may vary*