Rare Houseplant - Caryota Mitis (Fish Tail Palm) - 150-190cm

by AcquaGarden

A close look at its leaves will tell you exactly how the fishtail palm got its common name. Its bright green leaves have a gently ragged edge and a softly pointed shape, making them look like a fishtail or fin. It grows tall and compact, so it’s a perfect choice if you want a large indoor plant but don’t have lots of room for it to spread out. A wild fishtail palm could grow as tall as 10 metres in the wild, with leaves as long as 3 metres, but as an indoor plant, it probably won’t grow to even a quarter of that height. It’s a big plant, but it’s not going to burst through your living room ceiling. While constantly growing, we currently hold these in 150cm - 190cm plants. Will thrive in most environments. High quality, beautiful plants. 


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