Scindapsus Golden Queen - 13cm Pot

by AcquaGarden

Scindapsus or Pothos is better known by its common name of 'Devil's Ivy', so-called because it can survive even in low light. The beautiful glossy heart shaped leaves are a variegated mix of greens and yellows that will brighten up any living space. NASA has named Devil's Ivy as one of the best air-purifying plants, so it will be working hard removing pollutants from the environment whilst providing an alluring aesthetic. Thriving in indirect as well as low light this is a great indoor plant that is ideal for beginners or experienced houseplant owners alike. Easy-care houseplant. Air purifying. Variegated foliage.

Supplied in a 13cm pot.

Images show plant at a further maturity. 

*Ceramic pot not included*


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