Indoor Plants

Acqua Garden's Indoor Plants
There are several Indoor plants which you can purchase now online. 
Aspargus Fern - Aspargus Plumus                     
Athyrium Lady Fern             
Silk Pathos
Dragon Tree
Bird's Nest Fern
Croton Excellent
Croton Pictum
Cupid Peperomia
Dragon Tree
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Giant Yucca
Golden Goddess
Lemon Lime
Lucky Bamboo
Parlour Palm
White Polka Dot 
Rubber Plan
Spider Plant
Trailing Jade
Variegated Ivy
Variegated Rubber Plant
Areca Nut Palm
Begonia Maculata 
Calathea Tristar
China Doll Plants
Christmas Cactus 
Creeping Fig 
Croton 'Petra
Croton 'Yellow Banana
Croton Tamara
Dracaena, Florida Beauty
Dracaena Reflexa 
Draceana Massengeana
Dracaena Compacta
Dracaena Marginata
Ficus Alii
Ficus Pumila Green
Ficus Pumila variegated
Fittonia 'Green and White'
Dracaena Massengeana
The Kangeroo Fern