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With our wide selection of premium quality plants and garden products, we aim to ensure that you’ll always get the very best results and a wonderful experience with us


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The UK’s Only Premium Plants Company

We provide the very best plants available anywhere in the UK. Amazing plants, of truly exceptional quality. We know how important this is to gardeners, as the results you get will always be determined by the quality of the plants you use.

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Extended Availability

The Plants You Want - When You Want Them - All Year Round

Our mission is to provide gardeners with the plants they desire all year round. Most other sellers restrict plants to set periods during the year because that’s how its always been  - we don't!  

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Fast Shipping

We usually ship same-day, or next day at the latest, so you'll be sure to receive your plants within a few days of your order.

Bespoke Plant Packaging

We ship our plants using our own bespoke plant packaging, developed over many years. Protecting them in transit so you'll receive your plants in great condition too

Our 100% Guarantee

We offer a full 100% guarantee for your plants. If you are not completely satisfied, for whatever reason, even if you just forget to water them and they don't thrive, we will replace them all, at our cost or provide a complete refund.

  • Apartment Gardening

    You don't need a huge garden or any garden at all to be a gardener. Whether you have just a balcony, a patio, and roof terrace or even just a windowsill, we have plants to suit your environment and your needs.

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  • Balcony Gardening

    A balcony is many things. We see it as a garden! However small or large, you can create your own oasis of plants on your balcony, with little effort, wherever you live.

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  • Small Space Gardening

    We provide plants and products designed specifically around small space gardening. And to enable you to make the very most from the space you have.

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  • Culinary Gardening

    A pillar of our mission is to enable everyone, everywhere to grow their own wonderful, fresh, nutritious fresh produce, wherever you live and whatever your lifestyle.

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