We offer a range of plants and other plant solutions for businesses of all kinds. Live plants don’t just look great, they have many other benefits.

Plants have been shown to create a more welcoming and pleasant work environment, improve workplace productivity, and reduce stress. They are air purifying, increase oxygen levels and help regulate temperature.

It’s amazing to see the miraculous effect that plants have on staff contentment and wellbeing! And customers and guests are always impressed.

Plants are long lasting and are far better value than cut flowers, which end up as waste. Plants add interest and colour, and also show that a business is conscious of the importance of nature and the environment.

Every plant also absorbs carbon dioxide and contributes, even just a little, to reducing the environmental damage caused by industrial pollution over the last century, with its terrible consequences for our planet. Climate change is at the forefront of the thoughts of all and a business which is able to show that it is taking thoughtful steps to doing what is can will be greatly admired.

For all these reasons, we have launched our Business Plant Packages.

We are committed to helping businesses find the right plants for their space by consulting with them and offering the best plants for their needs at unbeatable prices. 

We can provide plant packages for purchase, or a plant rental arrangement. We also offer a plant maintenance service so we can take care of everything for you.


Transform your office workspace with our easy-care indoor plants. Proven to help boost creativity and productivity indoor plants are a great way to spruce up an office. If you’re looking to fill an office with beautiful tropical plants, our team of plant experts will help you choose the right plants for your space.

Reception Areas

First impressions matter. Make yours count with a lush display of beautiful plants in your reception area. Even a few select plants can make a real impression on visitors, invoking a tranquil atmosphere and a positive ambiance for guests which will be remembered. We can help you select the best plants for your situation and add beautiful ceramic planters too to make a real statement.


Studies continue to show the stress reducing and soothing effects that come from interacting with plants, so it’s no wonder that restaurants are becoming increasingly plant-filled. Restaurants with lots of plants also just look really chic.

For a restaurant, a combination of beautiful houseplants and also a range of herbs and salads – perhaps even some chillies – creates a real impact. Every chef knows that the flavour of home grown edible plants as well as the nutritional value are far better than anything bought from a shop.

Dining guests will love the concept of freshly cut herbs and salads and will be impressed with the environmental conscience of your restaurant in reducing food miles by growing in house.

We have bespoke solutions for all restaurants so get in touch and let’s work out a plan that works for you.

Hotels and Resorts

The perfect arrangement of plants can dramatically increase the impact of an arrival experience, and can be used throughout the venue to powerfully add meaning to the brand. With stunning living displays, we can create an environment in your hotel or resort that people won’t want to leave.

Added to that is the added value you bring to your brand by engaging with nature and the environment. These are huge issues for everyone right now. We can provide support and provide bespoke packages to enable you to embrace the new world of plant focused culture.