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Acqua Smart Garden 3.0 - Complete Grow Your Own Package

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EASY SETUP: Don't worry about complicated instructions from us. Our System is so easy to build, it practically builds itself. And once you've set it up, you need only sit and watch as it runs itself

HOME GROWN PRODUCE: We've made it as easy as can be to grow your own fresh, nutrient-full produce from the comfort of your home. You'll not eat better tasting fruit and veg than what you grow yourself

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The Smart Garden 1.0 even has built-in LED grow lights meaning you could grow in a basement if you wanted to

WITH SEEDS: What's a growing System without something to grow? We understand how eager you'll be to grow once you've set it up, so we'll send you some seeds as well to get you started

GIFT: Not everyone loves gardening, but no one can resist freshly grown produce with zero effort. This would make an excellent gift to anyone showing them you love them