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Cabbage 'Duchy' - 3 x Plug Plant Pack

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CABBAGE 'DUCHY': The Spring Duchy is an exceptional and popular variety that can be harvested as a sweetheart cabbage when mature, or cut as 'greens' when young. The attractive pointed heads, have a good leaf colour and delicious sweet flavour. A great choice for a cabbage!

VERSATILE & EASY TO GROW: Not only is this stunning cabbage fast growing, but it's also suitable for gardens with limited space as it's a very compact plant. Equally, for those with more space, this variety will take up less growing room than other cabbages leaving more space for other plants. It's also very easy to grow, and tolerant of most growing conditions. A hardy plant!

DELICIOUS FLAVOUR: This cabbage has excellent flavour, sweeter than most other cabbages, with and tender, succulent heart. It also has high levels of vitamins K and C and other nutritional benefits

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: This elegant cabbage can have the height of 30cm (12") as well as the spread of 35cm (14") after 1-2 years of maturity.

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as full pack of large, well-advanced plug plants, with 3 x plants in each pack. A great time to get growing