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Chilli Plants - 'Joker' - 3 x Full Plants in 9cm Pots

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Chilli Pepper 'Joker' produces high yields of long medium-hot chillies. A compact plant, so ideal for pots and patios, in the greenhouse or veg bed, or even on a windowsill! If you want to try medium-hot chilli, we would recommend this. They have a beautiful sweet-spicy flavour. This crispy fleshy chilli can be eaten raw, making salsa, salads and can be used also in dried form in sauces. Height and spread: 30cm (12 inches).

Supplied as 3 x full plants in 9cm pots, well-advanced for fast times to first harvest.

Perfect for growing your own and a great time to get planting!

*Plant size and maturity may vary*