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Fruit Plants Multi-Pack - Raspberry + Gooseberry + Blueberry - 3 x Varieties - 3 x Full Plants in Pots

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FULL FRUIT PLANTS PACKAGE: a complete fruit plants package, with all the plants you need to get growing. Each package has 3 x different varieties and 3 x full potted plants with the following in each pack: 1 x Raspberry + 1 x Gooseberry + 1 x Blueberry plants. A wonderful fruit multi-pack. A total of 3 x plants in each package

HIGH YIELDING VARIETIES: we have selected the very best varieties to give the very best results, with prolific and reliable yields. All good croppers, so you'll be harvesting in abundance

EXCELLENT FLAVOURS: these varieties all have amazing flavours, and we chose them all for that too. Delicious and perfect for a range of dishes. A culinary paradise

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: various heights and spreads but curated to work well in most situations, whether you have a large veg plot or grow in containers and pots on your patio

EXCELLENT VALUE: Save over £20 with this lovely package compared to buying the individual packs

SUPPLIED AS: supplied as full, well-advanced plants in large nursery pots, with 3 x individual plants in each full package. Delivered to your door and ready to plant