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Garden Perennial - Penstemon 'Phoenix Violet' - 1 x Full Plant in 9cm Pot

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PREMIUM QUALITY PLANTS: Our plants are always of the highest quality, grown with great care, to ensure the very best results. And we ship our plants using our own bespoke plant packaging, protecting them in transit so you'll receive your plants in great condition too

PRETTY PENSTEMON: Penstemon 'Phoenix Violet' is the epitome of elegance with its tall, graceful stems adorned with gorgeous purple bell shaped tubular flowers. Its prolific blooming ensures a continuous burst of colour throughout the growing season adding a touch of elegance to any garden!

ATTRACTS POLLINATORS: This Penstemons purple flowers act as magnets for beneficial insects like butterflies and bees providing them with a rich source of nectar and pollen.

EASY TO CARE FOR: Despite their regal appearance, Penstemon 'Phoenix Violet' plants are surprisingly low maintenance. They thrive in well-drained soil and prefer a sunny spot, requiring minimal effort while offering maximum rewards.

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 100cm (40"). Spread: 50cm (20").

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as 1 x full plant in 9cm pot.