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Variegated English Ivy - 3 x Full Plants in 1 Litre Pots

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VIGOROUS EVERGREEN: Variegated Ivy, a beautiful houseplant for any home or a elegant feature in the garden as a steadily growing shrub. Variegated Ivy produces diamond shaped, green leaves with white variegation which look marvellous trailing from a hanging basket or climbing up trellis and walls.

STUNNING DISPLAY: Mature plants produce bushy, non-clinging branches with diamond-shaped leaves, and small, nectar-rich, greenish-yellow flowers in clusters of rounded heads in autumn, followed by black berries in winter.

PLANT CARE: Variegated English Ivy is extremely hardy and easy to care for it thrives in bright filtered or low light but is also happy outside. You can plant Ivy in any type of soil. Prefers moderate light or indirect sunlight. Between waterings let the top layer of the soil dry out.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 300cm (118"). Spread: 300cm (118").

SUPPLIED AS: 3 x full plants in 13cm pots.

*Ceramic pot not included*